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Ubuntu Edge: Explained!

Announced by Canonical Ltd. on 22 July 2013, Ubuntu Edge was a proposed “high concept” smartphone. Through, Indiegogo. Canonical sought to crowdfund a production run of approximately 40,000 units through Indiegogo. It had the highest target of any crowdfunded project to date, $32,000,000 over a one-month campaign. The Edge was not intended to go into mass production after the initial run, but rather to serve as a demonstration for new technologies for the industry. The Edge fell short of its funding goal, raising only $12,809,906, with 5682 pledges to purchase the standard model of the handset.

The Edge was designed as a hybrid device, which would function as a high-end smartphone (with both Ubuntu Touch and Android), or—when used with a monitor, keyboard and mouse—be able to operate as a conventional desktop PC running Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Edge was also designed to support dual boot, and was to run along with Android.

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Ubuntu for Phones vs Android Jelly Bean Comparison

This video shows a side by side comparison of the developer preview Ubuntu for phones and the Android jelly bean phone. This is a great video for comparison sake. Take a look, you might want to look for and Ubuntu phone soon.

The newest official platform for phones is Ubuntu for Phones. However, it’s only available now as a developer preview.