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Using VoxEnable for Open Office Text Speech Control

Have you heard of VoxEnable, a Windows software application that uses voice commands to activate a range of applications. You can do all sorts of things such as opening, editing, creating and exporting. All of these concepts are possible within your application. Check out this demo with Open Office.

Use your voice to control text with open source software VoxEnable

A demonstration using VoxEnable and your voice to control open office text software

OpenOffice Calc – Tutorial – Removing Duplicate Data (Deduping) by Phillip J Rhoades

Do you know how to get rid of those pesky duplicate rows in a spreadsheet? Follow this tutorial to find out how

This is a tutorial about removing duplicates in data with Open Pffice Calc

This is a tutorial for OpenOffice Calc showing how to remove duplicate data (deduping) by Phillip J Rhoades http Video recorded in gtk-RecordMyDesktop Editing in Blender http Synfig and Avidemux http

Why do my MS excel files keep opening in Open Office?

I have Open Office just to be able to save some files in pdf format. I like using MS Word and Excel for everything else. Recently however, my excel files began opening in Open Office vs MS and I want to stop that from happening. I tried to right click and open in MS and got garbage.

This is an easy queston to answer. You need to change the attributes in Windows for you *.xls files back to Excel. Its currently set to Open Ofice Calc. However, you could just use Open Office and make the default format for Calc file to *.xls. The differenc, however, may be with cells with blank values in the formulas. I use Open Office as much as possible as I stay on the Ubuntu side of my computer. Saving Calc files to *.xls let’s us stay with Open Office but be able to send work to others that they can open successfully.

TLDR: Should You Get Office 365?

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Google BigQuery – Best Practices for Loading your Data and open Office Hours

Michael Manoochehri and Ryan Boyd from the DevRel team for cloud data services will be streaming to you live! They’ll be discussing how to load your data into BigQuery and the various options available — from commercial ETL tools to App Engine’s Pipeline API and MapReduce frameworks, to simple UNIX command-line tools. They’ll then open it up for a general office hours on ingestion and other topics. Please use the moderator link to ask your questions.