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TLDR: What Would Make You Switch from Mac to Windows to Linux?

Pirillo Vlog 290 — Our Kids Will Be Ninjas Is Technology Becoming Too Integrated into Our Lives? Technology News and Review Website Tips Best Smartphone for a First-Time Buyer GoDaddy Coupons: Email! Get Our Free Google Chrome Extension for YouTube: How I Get Free Gift Cards: Chris’s Social Stuff (Follow Me Elsewhere): Download the FREE LockerGnome App: Android Phone: iPhone / iPod touch: Need My Advice for Your Business? Join: and === NEWS The 50th geek to use my name on an order from will get a 15m Google+ Hangout with me! Free S&H for all US geeks. Madmike1993: Chris, if there was anything that would make you switch back to Windows as your primary OS, what would it be? 4Chan founder Chris Poole, aka “moot”, has launched DrawQuest 5.5″ LG Optimus G Pro Picture and Specs Sheet Are In Ouya Following Mobile Model: “There Will Be a New Ouya Every Year” Wikipad in Miniature: 7-inch Gaming Tablet to Debut in Spring for 9, 10.1-Inch Sees Further Delay

Podcasting On Linux | LAS

We cover the state of media production on Linux, and share our tips to get your own podcast, powered by Linux, off the ground! And we answer a very popular audience question: how to record Skype calls under Linux. Plus: A mini-review of KDE 4.10, Gabe claims Linux is a “get-out-of-jail free pass” for the gaming industry, Carmack says skip native the native port and focus on WINE, we share the great news for new Linux laptop users… AND SO MUCH MORE! All this week on, The Linux Action Show! Show Notes & Download:

UberStudent 2.0 Review – Linux Distro Reviews

==What do you do to stop getting distracted?== A review of the student-oriented operating system known as UberStudent 2.0 Aristotle. This OS is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with either Xfce or MATE and many apps, tweaks, and extras that perfectly cater for tertiary or higher education students (eg. university or college) or anyone who wishes to be productive. Links: About UberStudent: UberStudent Download: Donate here…thanks: My Google+: My Facebook: My Blog: My twitter

How to Install New Themes on Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon

To Install New Themes On Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon read below: Steps: 1. Go to “Cinnamon Settings” and select theme. 2. To change theme, just select any one of the theme present there . 3. To Install new theme , click on ” Get New Theme”. 4. Download any theme from the website. 5. Create a folder with name “.themes” into ” Home” directory. 6. Extract the theme into “.themes” folder. 7. Go again to Cinnamon Settings and select theme. 8. Select the latest theme appearing on the list. 9. Enjoy 🙂

Linux Wins CES | LAS

The best gadgets at CES this year were running Linux. We round-up the highlights of these Linux powered goodies, and speculate about the future of the expo. Plus Blizzard’s big Linux bombshell, the sunset of WebcamStudio, why you might see a Firefox OS powered smartphone soon, and is Samba less relevant these days? Plus: Your feedback, our picks of the week, and so much more! All this week on, The Linux Action Show! Show Notes & Download: