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How to Install New Themes on Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon

To Install New Themes On Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon read below: Steps: 1. Go to “Cinnamon Settings” and select theme. 2. To change theme, just select any one of the theme present there . 3. To Install new theme , click on ” Get New Theme”. 4. Download any theme from the website. 5. Create a folder with name “.themes” into ” Home” directory. 6. Extract the theme into “.themes” folder. 7. Go again to Cinnamon Settings and select theme. 8. Select the latest theme appearing on the list. 9. Enjoy 🙂

Free WordPress Grunge Theme!

If you’re looking for a cool FREE WordPress theme, then look no further…This wordpress theme offers a grungy feel and has 3 different home page layouts which is great for many different projects…To get this wordpress theme for free, simply head over to: www.MB-Publishing.com, sign up for the free membership and download it…It’s that simple!

AffiloTheme is a cool Premium WordPress theme that is loaded with features! – AffiloTheme

danphinney.com Click the link to the left for more info on the AffiloTheme AffiloTheme is a new product by Mark Ling that was(will be) released September 18th 2012 Check this out….you have to see this!! You will be Amazed! Transcript below: AffiloTheme is a Premium WordPress theme with a difference! So here’s what you get when you purchase AffiloTheme: Premium WordPress theme with 6 child themes (this basically means 6 different themes in 1) Full flexibility with layouts, colors and fonts Built-in header creator tool for stunning header images Squeeze page and opt-in form creator tool with 4 different form options (Squeeze page, Full-feature opt-in form, feature opt-in form, and sidebar opt-in form) There are dozens of different layouts and color schemes available Popover and exit pop functionality inbuilt Powerful affiliate link redirect and cloaking tool to boost conversions Free 1 month access to the exclusive Affilorama Premium program 1 year free hosting for up to 5 Affilotheme sites Excellent customer support – wherever and whenever you need it AffiloTheme comes ready-optimized for great SEO and high search engine rankings too Find Out more on our website under categories AffiloTheme, AffiloTheme Review, AffiloTheme Bonus, Affilo-Theme, Affilo Theme, AffiloTheme Reviews, AffiloTheme Download, AffiloTheme Scam, Does AffiloTheme Work, What is AffiloTheme, Get AffiloTheme, Buy AffiloTheme

How To Upload WordPress Theme – website design

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How to Upload and Activate a WordPress Theme

wptipoftheday.com This short video explains how to upload and activate a new WordPress Theme directly from your WordPress Dashboard, without having to use a third-party FTP client, like Filezilla or SmartFTP. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file containing the WordPress theme you want to activate, this video explains how to upload and activate the new theme.