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Learn WordPress – Step by Step WordPress Setup for beginners

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Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin – Screencast

If you want to grab, retrieve or download media such as images, video files, audio files and flash files from a public web site and use them locally in within your own WordPress blog, Web Media Grabber Plugin for WordPress is the perfect tool. Extract and download anything from anywhere to your server file system! Use the downloaded media into your own WordPress pages or posts without external hotlinking.WiseLoop Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin is designed to download media resources from the web and use the extracted media inside your WordPress blog. This WordPress plugin allows media extraction and embedding by using a complete and intuitive administration panel featuring powerfull media extraction engines combined with a friendly media browser. The extraction engine is capable of downloading images, movies, audio and flash files from the internet as long as the target URL contains or refers media files using web links (a href tags) or various tag attributes (src, embed, param, movie etc.). Also, the media grabing engine is able to identify more than the obvious media resources having the most common file extensions – it will find the media generated dynamically by the servers or media files that have no valid extesions or no extensions at all (such as images generated at runtime by the web servers); the identification is made by checking the server response header when pinging the tested media resource. The smart caching feature stores the usefull information about

WordPress – How To Create Backups

Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org: www.amara.org AlunHill.com How to create backups for your WordPress blog. Now obviously, you can go to Cpanel and backup your whole site, however in this example, I want to show you how to back up your specific WordPress blog and use a specific plugin called XCloner to do just that, and also in the future videos, I will show you how to restore your previous backup of your WordPress blog. So let’s go ahead and do that, the first thing you want to do is of course is to go to your dashboard. And at this point you’ll want to go to “Plugins”, click on “Add New Plugin”. And do a search for “XCloner” – click on “Search Plugins” and it’s this one here. So click on “Install Now”, click on “Okay”. Enter your FTP user name and password. Click on “Proceed”, click on “Activate”, and there we go. Now the reason why I chose XCloner versus all the other WordPress backup systems is because XCloner is not only free, but it allows you to back up your blogs and also restore them. And you can also clone them and move them to a different domain name, which I’ll show you in the future videos. Now what I want to do is go to the settings for XCloner. And to access XCloner right here you’ll see the link that says, “open XCloner”, so I’m going to click on that and then you’re going to see the configuration settings. But before we can get in there, we need to log in, and by default, you’re user name is going to be “admin” and your password is