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How To Start a Blog

You have something to say, and blogs provide a place to say it and be heard. Many blogs are written to help people who may be going through similar situations. Or maybe you’d like to blog about a personal interest or hobby. Maybe you’d like to influence political change. Truth is, the path to blogging success is to simply blog for you. Write about what makes you happy and the challenges you face every day. The rest will take care of itself. We decided to get you started on WordPress. There are other free blogging platforms, but learning WordPress will help you if you ever want to make blogging a career Learn more at wearevisble.com. Step 1 Type www.wordpress.com into the URL window or what’s called the Address Bar at the top of the screen. Step 2 Click the large orange “Sign up now” button that is over on the top right side of your screen. Step 3 Choose a user name. It doesn’t have to be unique (like it does on Twitter). So just pick something easy, like your first name or your initials and a number that has significance (birthdate, anniversary, graduation year, etc.). Choose a password that is easy to remember but not overly obvious. Fill in your email address. If you don’t have one, go to the instructions on how to set up a FREE GMail account, then come back to these instructions. That last box called “Legal flotsam” is the standard privacy and service info. Please feel free to read it and make your own decisions as to whether you want to join WordPress. But if it’s all

My WordPress site loads in under two seconds… does yours?

Create A Social Network and Monetize Today! In this video we introduce the amazing W3 Total Cache & Smushit plugins. When combined with an inexpensive Amazon S3 account, you have the “Holy Trinity” of site optimization and speed. Watch as we demonstrate how you can take an inexpensive shared-server, load it up with WordPress, BuddyPress, the LabSecrets Solution, and about thirty plugins… and still deliver pages in under two seconds. Amazing!

Video – How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles | WordPress.com-appz.info

How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles wordpress.com-appz.info For WordPress Marketers WordPress Blog “Tips & Tools That Work!” Updated List of Tips & Tools That Will Optimize Your Blog Traffic wordpress.com-appz.info ————– You Can Have Access To All Of The Products YOU Want To Sell! This Is Where The “Gurus” Find Their Own Goldmines! Join today, and you’ll have access to the place the so-called gurus look to find their products to sell…plus hosting, autoresponders, e-commerce, and loads more! http www.youtube.com

What Is A Blog And How WordPress Makes Money Online

This video is brought to you by: www.pcmichiana.com Today’s video will elaborate on what exactly a blog is and how they are structured. Now before you get too intimidated, remember this video is essential in the understanding of how to make money online blogging. You need to understand how popular search engines such as Google see your website and keep this in your mind while you are typing. Everything ranging from the title you choose to the topic you talk about is recorded and indexed uniquely. WordPress will streamline and automate this process for you so you don’t have to stress about it while writing, it gives you the power and flexibility to blog without the headaches.

How to Build a Website 2012 (Part 4)

Choose your theme/template at www.drefficiency.com In this video we will choose and install a Hot & Cheap WordPress Theme/Template. Steps in this video tutorial include: * Choosing your WordPress theme/template * How to get a free theme or cheap (but professional template) * Installing WordPress themes This video follows on from the video tutorial series: HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE (WORDPRESS BLOG) FROM SCRATCH === LET’S STAY IN TOUCH === Website – www.drefficiency.com Visit for fresh content! Twitter – http Follow me! Youtube – youtube.com Subscribe for Updates! Email – dr@drefficiency.com Email me for…anything! Tags: how to create a website how to create a website online how to make a website how to make a business website how to make a business website online how to build a website how to build a business website how to build a business website online how to create a business website business web site development website builder web site builder cheap domain “how to make a website” web hosting domain web hosting low cost web hosting small business web hosting how to make a blog page, how to install wordpress, wordpress blog tutorial, how to create a blog wordpress, how to design a wordpress blog, making a blog website “how to build a website 2012”