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Linux Mint 13 XFCE Review

This video is going to be published on my official 2nd anniversary on YouTube. So I figured I might as well record a long video and do some things I was planning to while I have free time. —– ■ ‘Linux Mint 13 “Maya” Xfce released!’ post: j.mp ■ ‘New features in Linux Mint 13 Xfce’ j.mp ■ XFCE 4.10 tour: j.mp ■ My thoughts on Safari 6: j.mp j.mp ◄ Click here to be notified about when I post new videos.

How to Build a Website 2012 (Part 4)

Choose your theme/template at www.drefficiency.com In this video we will choose and install a Hot & Cheap WordPress Theme/Template. Steps in this video tutorial include: * Choosing your WordPress theme/template * How to get a free theme or cheap (but professional template) * Installing WordPress themes This video follows on from the video tutorial series: HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE (WORDPRESS BLOG) FROM SCRATCH === LET’S STAY IN TOUCH === Website – www.drefficiency.com Visit for fresh content! Twitter – http Follow me! Youtube – youtube.com Subscribe for Updates! Email – dr@drefficiency.com Email me for…anything! Tags: how to create a website how to create a website online how to make a website how to make a business website how to make a business website online how to build a website how to build a business website how to build a business website online how to create a business website business web site development website builder web site builder cheap domain “how to make a website” web hosting domain web hosting low cost web hosting small business web hosting how to make a blog page, how to install wordpress, wordpress blog tutorial, how to create a blog wordpress, how to design a wordpress blog, making a blog website “how to build a website 2012”

Amazing WordPress Themes

Alright I’m here to show you some great looking wordpress themes guys. Those of you in the blogging business or regular website business this is for you. Also to point out it is a year, so this is a great deal for a whole year. They look amazing and are easy to work with too. Also I am thejman1002 its my other youtube account, so look it up. Here’s my referral link if you would be so kind lol: www.elegantthemes.com And here’s the non referral link: www.elegantthemes.com Check it out and enjoy guys As always email for questions phsyco321@hotmail.com www.freeipod.checkplease.ws