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Creating a Landing Page inside your WordPress theme

I originally created this training video for one of my clients, it was used to train their IT department – I decided to upload it here because I figured there may be others out there that can benefit from this technique. In this video, I show how to create a landing page that can be customized and used for pages. I set up Multisite to show how the landing page can be used for each sub-site.

Lyvi – Console Lyrics Viewer – Linux CLI

Name : lyvi Version : 20120718-1 URL : ok100.github.com Wiki : github.com Description : A simple command-line lyrics viewer for various audio players. Features: Displays lyrics, artist info and guitar tabs Downloads metadata from sites that are supported by glyr Cache for downloaded metadata Player control with configurable keybindings Configuration file Supported players: Audacious Cmus DeaDBeeF MOC MPlayer Music Player Daemon pianobar Qmmp shell-fm VLC Media Player

Installing and Setting up WP-eCommerce WordPress Plugin – Pt: 1

In this video I install the new public beta of WP-eCommerce ( getshopped.org ). I will continue this video series through full product setup for a downloadable item, but will point out features for tangible items that are to be shipped

How to Create WordPress Theme. Divine Elemente Workflow

Divine Elemente (www.divine-project.com) is a Photoshop plugin which is intended for PSD to WordPress conversion. This short 5-minute video gives the information about Divine Elemente and its work – (0:10) Installation, – (0:35) New PSD template creation, – (2:15) WordPress theme publishing, etc. If you are new to Divine Elemente, you should watch this video first. What’s the difference between this video and the previous one? This video is with the real human voice 😉