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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin Final Release Review

Introduction and Review of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Codenamed Precise Pangolin. The latest Long Term Support release of Ubuntu now offers 5 years security updates for both Desktop and Server editions. Unity is now looking a lot better, and there are some new features such as: Heads Up Display (HUD) that allows you to easily search through applications menu items, New Privacy tool to control what history is saved More Customisation options in Unity Improved support for Dual monitors Chapter Timings: 0:01 Introduction to Ubuntu 0:16 System Features 1:49 Heads Up Display (HUD) 2:37 Customising Unity with MyUnity 3:50 Privacy Tool 4:09 Installing Applications with Software Centre 4:50 Pre-Installed Applications 7:20 Conclusion Ubuntu comes with just about everything you need to get going with, such as Firefox web browser, LibreOffice, Rhythm Box music player, Totem movie player, Shotwell photo manager, plus a few more apps. Website: www.ubuntu.com Download: www.ubuntu.com How to install Ubuntu to dual boot with Windows: youtu.be

Lyvi – Console Lyrics Viewer – Linux CLI

Name : lyvi Version : 20120718-1 URL : ok100.github.com Wiki : github.com Description : A simple command-line lyrics viewer for various audio players. Features: Displays lyrics, artist info and guitar tabs Downloads metadata from sites that are supported by glyr Cache for downloaded metadata Player control with configurable keybindings Configuration file Supported players: Audacious Cmus DeaDBeeF MOC MPlayer Music Player Daemon pianobar Qmmp shell-fm VLC Media Player

Fedora 17: Beefy Miracle release

Leading innovation: Freedom, friends, features, first… and franks. The mustard indicates progress in this Fedora release, which includes an abundance of the most cutting-edge features for open source developers with an interface that’s easy for non-developer desktop users. Fedora 17 moves innovation forward with the latest in languages and development tools. It includes automatic multi-seat support, multitouch support, a new clustering stack, cloud options, and much more.

Compiz-Quinn(now Compiz-Fusion)for linux. The future is now!

Click ‘MORE’ Please n Read… This is Xgl/Compiz(now known as Beryl Project) running on my secondary comp which is an old (2002) dell with 2.4 ghz P4 proc, Nvidia 6600 GT gfx card, and only 512 megs of RAM. The music is Sidology Ep 2: Trinity, By Machinae Supremacy. This Linux install was SuSE 10.1 and I now use Sabayon Linux. Which you can get here: www.sabayonlinux.org Three versions include Mini CD install, Full x86 32bit install and Full x86 64bit install DVDs! The theme is a custom theme; which unfortunately I lost when my main hardrive died on me. However, you can get the wallpaper I used from my box.net account here: www.box.net A few other cool backgrounds here: www.box.net www.box.net The original backgrounds I downloaded from www.caedes.net; a great site which has many many more awesome backgrounds. The cubecaps are from art.gnome.org. Go here for ‘Powered by Free Software’ cubecap (this one was downscaled from the original using gimp to 1280×1024 to work with my res) art.gnome.org and here for ‘Linux – Rided The Wave’ cubecap. art.gnome.org The skydome can be found here. It, along with several of the others below, I made myself by splicing a mirrored version of the original and modifying it slightly so the two sides don’t appear as perfect replicas of each other. www.box.net A couple other cool skydomes: www.box.net www.box.net www.box.net enjoy 😀