Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin Final Release Review

Introduction and Review of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Codenamed Precise Pangolin. The latest Long Term Support release of Ubuntu now offers 5 years security updates for both Desktop and Server editions. Unity is now looking a lot better, and there are some new features such as: Heads Up Display (HUD) that allows you to easily search through applications menu items, New Privacy tool to control what history is saved More Customisation options in Unity Improved support for Dual monitors Chapter Timings: 0:01 Introduction to Ubuntu 0:16 System Features 1:49 Heads Up Display (HUD) 2:37 Customising Unity with MyUnity 3:50 Privacy Tool 4:09 Installing Applications with Software Centre 4:50 Pre-Installed Applications 7:20 Conclusion Ubuntu comes with just about everything you need to get going with, such as Firefox web browser, LibreOffice, Rhythm Box music player, Totem movie player, Shotwell photo manager, plus a few more apps. Website: www.ubuntu.com Download: www.ubuntu.com How to install Ubuntu to dual boot with Windows: youtu.be