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Creating a Landing Page inside your WordPress theme

I originally created this training video for one of my clients, it was used to train their IT department – I decided to upload it here because I figured there may be others out there that can benefit from this technique. In this video, I show how to create a landing page that can be customized and used for pages. I set up Multisite to show how the landing page can be used for each sub-site.

WordPress 3 Tutorial 11: Choosing WordPress Themes

This is part of the WordPress tutorial segment of the Internet Empowerment Series hosted by Social Media Survival Guide author, Deltina Hay. This session offers an introduction to WordPress themes including how to choose the right WordPress theme for you. Take a full-length social media course from Deltina Hay today: www.udemy.com Learn about me and my books: deltina.com http www.amazon.com Need a quick consult? www.liveperson.com

WordPress Crash-Kurs – WordPress-Themes

www.geldschritte.de – Bei WordPress kannst du spielend einfach neue Designs für deinen Blog ausprobieren ohne den Inhalt dabei zu verändern oder gar zu zerstören. Was WordPress-Themes sind, wie du neue Themes installierst und diese durch Widgets und Menüs zusätzlich aufpeppst, darum geht es in diesem Teil des Kurses. Dieses Video ist Teil des kostenlosen WordPress Crash-Kurses von GeldSchritte.de. Alle Teile des Kurses findest du bequem in diesem Blog-Artikel: www.geldschritte.de

Creating a WordPress Theme

In this tutorial I show how to successfully create a wordpress theme from scratch. I go over the use of wordpress conditional tags, how to use them and where to use them. I also demonstrate how to display wordpress sidebars and how to use them. The code will be available on my blog: ryanconn.com