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webhost Tutorials – Installing WordPress Plugins

000webhost Tutorials – Installing WordPress Plugins How To upload and Installing WordPress Plugins (WordPress 3.5) ———————————————————- Email me: info@echo442.uphero.com Google+ plus.ly Twitter echo442.tk ———————————————————- Echo 442 Studios Website: echo442.uphero.com FaceBook echo442.tk Google+: echo442.tk ———————————————————–

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins – Today we are joined with Sé Reed, Chris Lema, Wes Chyrchel, Scott Bolinger, Dave Jesch and our host Jason Tucker Holy War of E-Commerce Plugins WooCommerce www.woothemes.com Shopp shopplugin.net Sé did a 4 hour conference on Shopp, she had previous issues with it and learned quite a bit from this talk. Her fave thing is when it makes cart pages it makes virtual pages not custom post types. Dave talks a bit about virtual pages ins Shopp Scott says that Shopp is complicated and the 4 hour webinar would help with learning it. Se talks about the method of teaching Shopp that they did in the webinar. Scott and his company likes Woocommerce and how simple it is to use. Se thinks that Woo, WooCommerce and WooThemes is a bit bloaty. www.woothemes.com Chris has gone years not receiving an emailed from Shopp, he received an email from them and he thinks they are ramping up on their marketing. Chris also like Easy Digital Downloads by Pippin. wordpress.org Chris also mentioned how Woo has made the theming cleaner and most of their options are unchecked to save you time in turning on just what you need. Chris mentions that caching that is agressive can mess with things, Scott mentions that he had recent experience with this and his host WP Engine stepped in and helped resolve these issues. www.wpengine.com Chris is a big fan of Woocommerce but if you are doing online downloads and such Easy Digital Downloads may be the way to go Jason asked about the

Sharebar – Must have WordPress plugins

Sharebar is a sidebar with buttons to the social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and more. It’s great for involving social signals to your website for SEO and more traffic. This is the first video of Must Have WordPress Plugins featuring the best WordPress plugins which I recommend everyone installs. Welcome to another video, on must have WordPress plugins. Today’s must have WordPress plugin is Sharebar. Sharebar adds a sidebar or a vertical box to the left side of a blog post and it adds the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. So when people are reading your post and they enjoy it, then they can click any of the social icons on the sidebar to increase your traffic. To install sharebar, from your dashboard you need to hover over plugins, click add new, in the search term area you then type ‘share’ and ‘bar’ then press search plugins. It should be the first one that comes up, so when you see it click install now. Click ok, and it will now start installing the plugin, when it’s finished installing the plugin just click activate and now when you hover over settings, you should see the sharebar icon. Here you can edit the plugin, add some buttons, it’s all up to you. Now, when I go back to my website, open up a post, you can now see the social icons as a sidebar down below. So as you can see its kind of missing Google plus. So, if I Google, ‘Google plus one code’, click the first link. I’m going to change the annotation to bubble