Embed YouTube Video In WordPress Blog In 2 Simple Ways

hubskills.com You can embed a YouTube video in your WordPress blog in 2 simple ways. 1 Use YouTube Code In the first example of embedding the YouTube video we will use the iframe code. Select the width of the video you want on your blog and then copy the embed code given by YouTube. All you now need to do is paste the embed code in the body of the new post in your WordPress blog. 2 Use WordPress Plugin If prefer to use just the YouTube URL to embed the video, then you’ve to try the WordPress plugin called Embedly. It currently supports more than 160 services for embedding in your blog. Installing Embedly is not difficult. It is nicely explained in the video above. Once it is activated after installation, you’re ready to try it out. In the Add New Post page in your WordPress blog, simply paste the YouTube video URL in the body of the post. That’s all there is to it. Preview it to see how it has come. From now on you don’t need the cumbersome embed code from YouTube. Just mention the YouTube URL in your post, and the video will appear in your blog after automatically adjusting for the width of the post. Thank you.