Go Open Source or Go Home

Still having trouble deciding on open source? Watch this video as this is a good explanation.

You don’t have to be a geek to want to save your money and download programs for free. Here are 5 of my quick picks for open source software. My site – www.nixiepixel.com You may be wondering; What is Open Source? Open source generally refers to software that is released with open source code and no restrictions on downloading, modifying or advertising the work. An open source program usually starts when developers publish their code where other developers can learn about it, download it, and play with it. Where do you come in? You can reap all the benefits of course by using the application for no cost to you. Here is where you can download the programs mentioned in the video (in order) Firefox: www.mozilla.com openoffice: www.openoffice.org GIMP: www.gimp.org Pidgin: www.pidgin.im Video Editing Software: kdenlive: www.kdenlive.org (for Linux) Avidemux: fixounet.free.fr (for Windows) Thanks and hope you enjoyed! Music: “Blondie” by Speedsound www.jamendo.com (used with CCL 3.0)