One Laptop Per Child Changes Developing Nations with New Linux XO-3 Tablet

Announced only a week ago, watch to see how Linux is making a real difference in underdeveloped nations. Learn more: and http In many countries around the world, technology is a luxury most cannot afford. One group is helping the situation through a program called OLPC – One Laptop Per Child. This program provides children, who would otherwise likely never see computers or other tech gadgets, with a cost-effective, rugged laptop powered by solar energy and running the free Fedora Linux distribution. These laptops have made an incredible impact on the lives and future of millions of children. This program really speaks to me; it was a privilege for me to sit down with Marvell, makers of the processor & other chips found in the OLPC XO-3 tablet. Photo credits: One Laptop Per Child, Original Model – OLPC Students India: and OLPC Love –