WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Shawn Collins of blog.affiliatetip.com talks about WordPress plugins that are popular with affiliate marketers. Q What are the top WordPress plugins that an affiliate needs? A: It really varies, depending on the type of affiliate you are, as some networks have plugins, but if you’re not promoting those networks, it doesn’t really matter. There are also WordPress plugins that accomplish tasks that not every affiliate needs. In the latest Affiliate Summit AffStat Report, affiliates were asked, “Which affiliate marketing related plugins and widgets are you currently using?” The results were somewhat skewed towards affiliates promoting products, as 20.7% stated they used the Amazon Reloaded for WordPress plugin. This was followed by the ShareASale Make a Widget plugin at 14.1%, the WP-Marketer plugin at 9.8%, and LinkShare accounts for 26.1% across their three plugins. Also, there was the DataFeedFile.com Featured Product Plugin with 5.4% and the DataFeedr plugin with 2.2%. And there is the Avantlink Widget plugin and the Simple Link Cloaker plugin. I use the Pretty Link plugin to shorten my affiliate URLs. My suggestion would be to check the blogs of the networks you promote, because there aren’t really top plugins for all affiliates.