Is it possible to host multiple wordpress blogs on one domain?

Hi, I’m hoping to have multiple blogs on my own domain some day because I have blogs under different topics such as weightloss, christianity and photography, and I want people to be able to visit each as they please without feeling like I’m shoving my own interests into their face (I know the God thing upsets alot of people). Also, I don’t like the idea of having a zillion different categories under one blog, so I do have several different blogs (4 or 5) under the same wordpress account. I just need to know that if I create my own domain, will I be able to visit each blog within the frames of that website, or will I only be able to install one blog and just add links to the others?

I also plan on writing a few books some day and becoming a best seller and possibly running my own photography business so I’ll need to have it all under my name so that people aren’t running around like headless chickens all of the internet trying to find my work.

Any insights/advice? Can you have more than one wordpress blog installed on your domain? Thanks!