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Ross Turk on Open Source Cloud and Ceph

In this Linux.com interview at OSCON 2012 Ross Turk, VP of Community at Inktank, discusses the definition of the open source cloud and his company’s role in the cloud stack. Inktank launched this spring as the enterprise support company behind the open source Ceph storage platform. The company is involved in the OpenStack and CloudStack projects as well as working with proprietary vendors.

What is Open Source, Really?

The open source movement has many proponents, and the Open Source Initiative, or OSI, has been key to its momentum. || Join the chat: bit.ly || In this week’s OS.ALT you can see my interview from oscon with Simon Phipps from the OSI. We talk about what the OSI is, what changes are happening to its structure, and how everyone can now both support and benefit from the Open Source Initiative!

Is there a free or open source system available for online ticket ordering?

I manage a website for a non-profit sports facility. We are holding a fundraiser and we would like to offer online ticket ordering via PayPal. Is there a free or open source software I can integrate into our website?

I have lots of technical knowledge and I know how to put various web technologies into use, but I cannot find a suitable program!

Thanks for your help.