miniurl.org Click on this link to download miniurl.org And then click on this link for password The Related Sites WordPress plugin is released in the GPL. Any blogger can now basically utilize the plugin to display relevant links from around the world wide web directly on their site & without the tedium normally associated with the method. This is an unprecedented opportunity to increase traffic in an organic way without using spam tactics or anything that could dilute the quality of a weblog. These unique traffic opportunities exist for members & users of the plugin only. Here is the way it works. After installing the Related Sites plugin, it will auto-install various links to related posts from other “Related Website” member sites, displaying them at the foot of each historically in the past published post. This is the most elegant, out-of-the-box, & organic method for building traffic & refining your user experience from anything else currently available. See it in action now on this weblog! All links are randomly rotated both locally per page load & globally every 24 hours, & though a proprietary traffic balancing algorithm rewards blogs who send diverse traffic in to the exchange with more frequent placement, relevancy is NEVER compromised. In exchange for displaying the related weblog posts of other Blogform members, your weblog posts are also displayed on other members’ blogs whenever feasible & relevant. Not only is relevancy never compromised, but ads (in the