How To Install WordPress Plugins To Your Blog Using FTP? – Free Blogging Videos And Resources WordPress Plugins are one of the most important things that every blogger should use to enhance the functionality, features and presence of their blog. A WordPress Plugin is a special piece of software that helps you to enhance the functionality, features and presence of your blog. The best thing about these plugins are that they help you to add all the features and functions to your blog without you having to do any of the coding. No matter if you are not a web designer, you will be still be able to make your blog look beautiful and powerful with the help of these plugins. Choosing the right wordpress plugins for your blog is very critical for your online presence and business. The point here is not to install all the wordpress plugins that are out there on the internet. You need to choose a handful of important plugins that are going to serve your purpose. I have discussed few very important things relating to wordpress plugins, which every new blogger and online entrepreneur needs to consider for their blogging and internet marketing career. Here is a sneak peak of the things discussed in the video 1. What Is A WordPress Plugins? 2. Why You Need WordPress Plugins? 3. Where To Find The Important WordPress Plugins For Your Blog? 4. Important Plugins Recommended By Don’t forget to leave your comments below the video. Your comments are really important for me. Prajwal Shinde Follow Me On My Blog